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Personalized Astrological Birth Chart

Personalized Astrological Birth Chart

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Everyone knows their Sun Sign. Are you a Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Sagittarius? Have you ever wondered what your Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs are? Are you aware of what houses you are most effected by and what planets are strongest in your chart? Not only will I give you all this information but I will included the what that energy can look like within a personality and what the stars are guiding you on. 

They say that Astrology is one of the most effective ways to really dive deep into your hidden and unconscious movements in life. Astrology can help guide us through those dark spots, and help us to understand why we do what we do and is a great way to help understand oneself on a deeper level. So if this is true, or your just curious for Sh*ts and Giggles, come and find out what Astrology has to say about you and your personality and see what is written in the stars for you. Product in its final form is in the form of PDf's and/or a video link once the information is provided and interpreted.

The only requirement is you need access to your birth place, birth time, and birth day. Rising signs can change as fast as every 2 hours. If your not able to provide me with all that information, contact me, not all is lost.

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