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Astrological Monthly Energy Report

Astrological Monthly Energy Report

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Have you ever wondered what energies were coming towards you in the next month? What was written in the Stars and Moon for your Astrological Signs? What kind of energy the Universe is going to be sending you in the next month? What energies could possibly effect you as the month comes to play? 

Then this is just for you. You will be provided with either a PDf's and/or a video link explaining what energies are coming in for the Month. If you know your Sun, Moon, Rising, and/or Venus the Energy Report will be more detailed for no extra cost. Fill out the Questioner and email it to the address given to receive your Personalized Energy Report. 

Find out what the Universe has written for you...


Be advised that all information is for Entertainment Purposes ONLY. Videos are only food for thought...The client is responsible for their own life and decisions and will not be held liable for any action taken and is not to be used for Medical, Legal or Financial Advice and is not responsible for actions due to videos. 

Love Light & Namaste

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