Collection: Chakra Healing Classes

 If you are having issues with feeling aligned, feeling connected to self or Spirit, feeling empty, lonely, unstable, unsure, heartbroken, depressed, not making your own choices, voicing your opinion, or many other miserable ailments, learn to unblock the energy flow within the Chakras by first learning where,  what, and how the Chakras effects different parts of the body as well as the Emotional and Physical response of a blocked Chakra.  Learn on a Holistic Level, how to heal the Chakras with Meditative Flushes, Emotional and Physical exercises, Breathing, Sounds and Chanting, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Herbs, Flowers, Foods and Affirmations.

By doing these Holistic practices, it will help facilitating in clearing the Chakra Energy so one can feel more stable, grounded and more in tune with oneself and the Universe. Scientific studies have found that practicing holistic practices for at least 10 minutes a day can decrease anxiety and depressive symptoms in the body and increase the feeling of being grounded and more stable. The Goal of this course is to bring you back to oneness with self, open up the universal energy of abundance, and to find calm in a chaotic world of uncertainty.