Collection: Holistic & Astrological-Services

This collection is about guidance services offered. From knowing, understanding or discovering your birth chart to understanding all your different signs and how they mix to make YOU; Find out ways to help get you through some "personality flaws" and understand why you react the way you do.Astrology can be a guide to your past and direct you to the easiest transition to your future. If you've ever been interested in seeing what is written in the stars for you, this is the collection for you. 

If your looking to connect with Energy of yours, someone else's, or someone from the past there is options for this service too. This helps you connect with your Ancestors, Higher Self and/or Spirit depending on what your purpose and intentions are.

OR If your just needing some Holistic Guidance on ailments your suffering from, come and get your own personal PHP for a more natural, holistic and spiritual way of connecting with the body.